Organic Red Wines

Thank you for your interest in our organic malbec red wines.

Harris Organic is a certified organic winery making shiraz and malbec red wine.

Organic Red Wines

We like making organic red wines including shiraz and malbec.

Shiraz 2015
Shiraz 2015

This Organic Red Wine was made from shiraz and basket pressed, fermented with natural yeasts and aged in French and American oak for 20 months. The palate is very smooth with plums and berry flavours. Only 70 cases, thats 840 bottles, produced. Certified Organic says it all.

Shiraz 2016
Shiraz 2016

This certified organic shiraz was grown in our non irrigated vineayard. After hand picking the grapes were basket pressed, fermented and aged in French oak for 20 months with resulting excellent smoothness and berry flavours just likes its predecessors. Only 420 bottles remain, so if you want some better purchase now. Check out the Wine Shop today.

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We make great organic red wine in Perth

Malbec Red Wine 2018 - 750mL
malbec red

This certified organic malbec red winemade from hand-picked organic fruit was basket pressed, fermented with natural yeasts and aged in French oak for 9 months with excellent smoothness and berry flavours. Only 260 bottles produced, same as last year. For friends and members from our Organic Wine Shop.

Shiraz 2015 - 750mL

2015 Shiraz - Made from hand-picked organic red shiraz - this red wine is youthful, full flavoured with the characteristic smoothness of Harris Organic shiraz. This natural red wine will keep for several years and be best drinking about 2025. This wine received two bronze medals, at successive years at the Swan Valley Wine Show. The grapes were basket pressed and the wine matured in our underground cellar for 20 months before bottling. Buy from our Red Wine Shop today.

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What we do

Organic Red Wine making
Harris Organic prides itself as the best certified organic winery in Perth making hearty shiraz and organic malbec red wines.

Harris Organic Wines has a fine collection of organic red wines ranging from the oldest shiraz 1999 to the current release shiraz, a spicy chilli shiraz, and organic malbec.
All are available from our online shop, with delivery across Australia.

Cellar Door Sales
As we sell direct to you, at our cellar door or through our online wine shop, our hand made wine prices and quality are better than anywhere in Perth. Open from Thursday to Monday 11am to 4.30pm. Tuesday & Wednesday by appointment.

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