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We have a organic sparkling red, natural rose' and sparkling white wine to choose from.

Harris Organic - Organic Sparkling Wine

What is traditional method sparkling?

The traditional method is the procedure utilized in the Champagne area of France to make Champagne. It is additionally the technique utilized in different French districts to create sparkling wines (not called "Champagne"), in Spain to make Cava, in Portugal to create Espumante and in Italy to create Franciacorta. The strategy is known as the méthode champenoise, however, the Champagne makers have effectively campaigned the European Union to confine the utilization of that term inside the EU just to wines created in Champagne.
Accordingly, wines from somewhere else can't utilize the expression "méthode champenoise" on items sold in the EU, and rather the expression "traditional method" (méthode traditionnelle) or the neighbourhood language comparable (método tradicional in Spain and Portugal, metodo classico or metodo tradizionale in Italy, and in Germany klassische Flaschengärung). South African wines from the Western Cape are marked with the term Methode Cap Classique. Some winemakers in nations outside the EU may dismiss EU marking laws and use méthode champenoise or even "Champagne" on names for items not sent out to the EU, however, this use is diminishing.

Here, amongst Australia's wineries we use the term "Traditional Method".

What is Madeleine Claire?

Madeleine Claire is the name of my daughter. Madeleine is an active member of our organic winery providing online graphic arts support. Currently she is in Melbourne while doing a degree in Design.
Madeleine's name is proudly placed on every organic sparkling wine bottle.

We love making organic sparkling wines including organic sparkling shiraz.

Shiraz - Organic Sparkling Red Wine
Organic Shiraz - Sparkling Red Wine

Traditional method organic sparkling shiraz from our organic vineyard is hand riddled and hand disgorged, with a wonderful ruby colour and a fine bead. This elegant bottle-aged sparkling shiraz is from the vintage of 2013. Crown capped for immediate consumption - enjoy chilled. 12.5% alc/vol.
This organic sparkling red wine is very easy to drink, too easy we say.

We make great organic sparkling wine in Perth

Organic White Wine - 'Madeleine Claire' - Traditional Method
Organic Champagne

When at perfect ripeness the organic chardonnay was hand picked at our organic vineyard which has only 375 Chardonnay vines. The fruit was crushed, destemmed and pumped into a ceramic ferment tank before draining and pressing. The wine was then sparkled and bottled to produce a brut style traditional method organic Champagne Australian style as a blanc de blanc bubbly. This high quality organic sparkling wine has a very fine bead or 'bubble' due to its years in the underground cellar. The current organic vintage release is over five years old.

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Organic Rose - 'Madeleine Claire' - Pet Nat - Petillant Naturel - Sparkling
Organic Pet Nat
What is Pét-Nat (Pétillant Naturel)?

Pét-Nat is short for pétillant naturel, which is simply French for “naturally sparkling” – and that’s fundamentally what it is! This preservative-free sparkling wine has gained a bit of hum lately with growing status in the natural/organic movement and in more simple methods of winemaking, but citizens have been drinking it for eons.

How is Pét-Nat (Pétillant Naturel) made?
When the grapes are ripe the organic shiraz was hand picked at our Swan Valley vineyard, which has 900 shiraz vines. The organic grape fruit was crushed, destemmed and pumped into a ceramic ferment tank before draining and pressing. The preservative-free natural wine was then immediately bottled to produce a brut style traditional method Pet Nat style rose bubbly as a natural sparkling wine. This dry high quality organic wine has a fine bead or 'bubble'. Serve chilled.

NB: The bottle content is under high pressure, we recommend chilling first and then removing the cap carefully and quickly with a bottle crown seal opener. Get more information from our Online Wine Shop.

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What we do

Organic Winemaking
Harris Organic is the best certified organic winery in Perth's Swan Valley making organic sparkling wines.
Organic sparkling wine making
Harris Organic is the best certified organic winery in the Swan Valley.

Harris Organic Wines has a fine collection of organic sparkling wines ranging from organic red sparkling wine from shiraz, pet nat and organic sparkling white wine called blanc de blanc.
All are available from our organic online shop.

Cellar Door Sales

Open five days per week. We sell direct to you, at our cellar door or through our online Wine Shop, our organic wine prices and quality are better than anywhere in Perth. Open from Thursday to Monday 11am to 4.30pm. Tuesday by appointment.